The Christmas Album – After attending a Barbara Streisand concert in Las Vegas, Jose Weinstein decides to make his “being a Christmas-singer” dream come true. Jose figures he will use the resources of the Network in order to make it all happen, so he pulls the team together to help him produce his very first Christmas album: Final Feliz Navidad, followed by a televised ‘Christmas Special’, filled with colorful sweaters, fireplaces and hot cocoa – which will be scheduled to air non-stop during the holidays. Click here to read a full overview of the episode.

The Witchcraft – The network’s ratings keep dropping and nothing seems to work. Jose Weinstein, per the advice of the network’s spiritual advisor, Lalo Caverga, decides that they will “do witchcraft” on the rival networks to increase their chances of improving the ratings. So instead of doing something to bring the TeleVisión’s ratings up, they will do something to bring their competition down. Will a couple of chickens, smoke and weird chanting performances outside of the Univision offices work in bringing them down? Or will they just end up in jail? Click here to read a full overview of the episode.

The Casting – The network decides it’s time to bring in a new weathergirl. This opens up a casting call for some of the sexiest women on the planet. This also opens up a series of inappropriate situations that leads the network down a path of lawsuits and blackmail. Will the network find that really big and round, juicy talent they’re looking for?

The Emmy’s – When one of TeleVisión’s shows is nominated for an Emmy by accident– egos and punches fly! The academy makes a huge mistake by sending a nomination letter to the network, and a trip to the Emmys becomes a backstabbing affair between the network’s personnel. After the error is rectified (after receiving a permanent ban from the Emmy’s ceremony), will everything go back to normal?

The Upfronts – It’s that time of the year when the network puts together a reel of the best of its programming in order to sell to advertisers. When they collectively realize that their programming sucks, they decide to steal programming from other networks, which later becomes a legal issue. Will advertisers lose the faith they never had on the network?

The Immigration – When President Donald Trump sends the immigration department (ICE) to do a sweep of the premises, they discover that some of the network’s talent is undocumented. In a rush, the network puts in emergency work permits for its employees. Will they get immigration asylum on time? Or will half of the network’s workforce get deported back to their home countries?

The Drug Cartel – When a large infusion of cash gets injected into the production budgets, everyone is happily producing great programming. But when it is discovered that the money is coming from a powerful and ruthless drug cartel in Latin American, the network finds itself between the sword of the law and a wall of ruffians that will stop at nothing to get their money back. Will the network survive?

The FCC – After numerous complaints from viewers regarding inappropriate content being displayed on the TeleVisión Network, the FCC opens up an investigation. Will the many ‘wardrobe malfunctions’ and half-bleeped expletives finally be the demise of the TeleVisión Network?

The Insurance – When Weinstein discovers a clause in their insurance policy that allows for one hundred and ten percent reimbursement of damages from covered items – things around the building start strangely disappearing, breaking or catching on fire. Will they ever catch the insurance-scamming culprit?

Los Chinos (The Chinese Buyout) – An investment firm from China makes a tempting offer to purchase the TeleVisión Network. The Chinese investors want to turn the network into a Cantonese cooking channel. Some of the network’s employees fear they will lose their livelihood, while others begin learning how to speak Chinese. Will the board fall for the money or will it make one last American stand?

The IRS – An IRS audit has the network explaining some unexplainable tax-write offs, such as “Little People Insurance” and “Breast Implant Replacement Parts”. Will the network executives face jail time or will they bribe clear things up with Uncle Sam?

The Debate –TeleVisión puts together a debate between the presidential candidates. Even though the network must remain neutral, they underhandedly attack the presidential candidate that ends up winning the election. After that, the new US President makes it his personal mission to shut down the network.

Media Advocacy – When a Latino-organized group advocates and protests against TeleVisión’s offensive programming, the network launches a “We Love Latinos” campaign only to make matters worse because of the unusually inappropriate messages within the campaign. Will the network survive this PR blunder, or will they just end up paying off the advocacy group to leave them alone?

*Episodes will also have running B stories and occasional C stories.

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